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Frequently Asked Questions
  Does the Body Wrap System dehydrate you? Definitely not. We do not use any materials that would cause the body to sweat. In fact we use porous cloth bandages that allow the skin to breath.
Will I gain the inches back in a day or two? No, the results are long lasting as long as you don’t gain weight.
Will I lose weight with the Wraps? A slimmer appearance, not pounds is what the mineral body wraps are designed for. Any weight loss is a bonus!
How many Wraps will I need? Personal goals are strictly up to you. Total improvement achieved per wrap is helped by the amount of mild exercise done during the process, nutritional supplements, exercise regimens, and eating habits. To maximize benefits, you should come in for a wrap once or twice a week until your skin appears tighter and your objectives are met. Then, maintenance visits every other month are indicated. Immediate goals, such as a wedding or other important dates where looking your best is a must, can be sped up through multiple wraps in one day.
What Does the Body Wrap System do for the Skin?
Skin appears smoother and visibly tighter after wrapping. Many of our clients specifically ask for this after weight loss or pregnancy.
Will the Wrap help against Cellulite? Cellulite is nothing more that water-logged fatty tissue. Clients who specifically targeted cellulite ridden area report visual improvement after being wrapped.
What can it do for problem hips, thighs and legs? The Body Wrap System helps bring specific and targeted areas into a more desired appearance. Water retention has an effect on thighs, hips, legs, arms and the midsection on women as well as men.
Can it help a double chin or round face?
Certainly! Part of the process involves wrapping the face. A visibly lifted and younger look is achieved on the face and under the chin.
Are there medical considerations? Common sense dictates that if you are on medication or have any physical conditions, you should obtain your doctor’s permission before doing anything new or different.
What do I need to wear? Just bring a change of underwear and bra. You will need a dry set to change into your street clothes. Men should bring swim trunks to be wrapped in.
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