Permanent Cosmetics, Microdermabrasion,

Esthetics- (Waxing, Facials, Body Wraps,

Skin Care), Reflexology, Body Piercing
The Premier method of visually slenderizing the body
that was once only available to the celebrities.
  Over 10 million wraps have been successfully delivered to the hopeful and appearance-conscious public over the last three decades.

Researched and developed over 30 years ago, this technology is the best form of tightening and toning available, even today. It does not depend on dieting or labor intensive exercise to achieve its results.

The body is wrapped in soft, porous bandages, soaked in an exclusive solution of inorganic, food-grade minerals. The entire process, lasting about an hour, is soothing, healthy and relaxing.

The body Wrap System is for anyone, regardless of age and gender, who would like to change their appearance for the better.

Suddenly Slimmer Body Wraps

Body Lift ~ Combining the slender tone and anti-aging body wraps, especially for defining difficult areas of the body ranging from petite to athletic.

Power Lift ~ Visually slenderizes/contours the body leaving a tightened and toned appearance giving you all the benefits of the anti-aging wrap, plus added energy.

Waste Buster ~ Pulls waste from 2 depths. Great for those working around chemicals and pollutants. Leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth and your body energized, and yes, you lose inches, too!

Super Tight ~ Well Virginia Mortan did it again. This wrap is specifically an advanced skin tightening, perfect for those on a weight loss program or after a pregnancy. You’ll feel and look fabulous.

Lipase Wrap ~ Lipase is an enzyme that helps break down fat. This wrap is performed in two stages and combining in conjunction with different products for the greatest inch loss. Great for perfect hard bodies or the athletic.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. Or contact us by phone or in person.

Note: All wraps require light exercise for greater inch loss.
*Persons over 215 lbs, will pay additional fee of $20 for single purchase and $20 for packages.



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