Other Services

Cellulite Reduction and Weight Loss

European technology brought to you. Increase circulation of the lymphatic & circulatory systems. Tones, contours, and detoxifies, removes and diminishes cellulite.

10 treatments for $600   or   21 treatments for $900


Removes capillaries and spider veins.

Per treatment: $150      Skin tag treatment: $35

Oleaslim Body Treatment

Oleaslim is an all natural product used with the power of heat. This treatment provides a proven solution to help eliminate cellulite while it slims and detoxifies your body.

Per treatment: $90

Revitalight (Photorejuvenation)

Alleviates the subtly of aging. Your skin is more radiant, plump and smooth, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots and tightens elasticity in your face. Rediscover a youthful appearance.

Package of 6 treatments: $420      Single treatment: $80

Revitalight Hand Spa

Do your hands show your age? Reduce age spots and stimulate the dermis layer, leaving beautiful youthful hands again.

Package of 6 treatments: $120      Single treatment: $25

Tasteful Body Piercing

Piercing can be done on all cartilage & lobes of ears, nose, belly buttons, eyebrows & facial piercings.

Prices vary.