Frequently Asked Questions

Is the permanent cosmetic procedure painful?

A topical anesthetic is used to numb the area chosen to be worked on. There are two anesthetics used. One topical is used for unbroken skin. Another one is used to assure minimal pain and total comfort to you for broken skin.

Is the permanent cosmetic procedure safe?

Yes. All tools and supplies are disposable. An autoclave is used to insure all tools are sterilized prior to use.

How "permanent" are permanent cosmetics?

When pigment (color) is introduced to the skin, it is permanent. Pigment fading depends on your life style, but usually lasts 3 to 7 years. Be sure to follow the recommended care instructions.

Is the permanent cosmetic procedure expensive?

Yes. But in caparison to the savings over time as well as the convenience it provides you, it is well worth the initial expense.

What are permanent cosmetics?

It is a process of gently depositing pigment (color) into your skin to enhance and accentuate your natural beauty.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. All work is guaranteed up to 3 months at no cost to you.