Aromatherapy Facial - $75.00

This one hour facial features drenching your skin with Matis products through every phase. We use pure natural essential oils from flowers and plants to deep cleanse pores and leave your skin hydrated, relaxed, and refreshed.

Acne Facial - $75.00

This high frequency treatment effectively deals with acne problems. Natural botanical products concentrates on deep penetration of follicles reducing inflammation while killing bacteria on the surface and deep within the follicles.

Roseacea Facial - $75.00

This treatment for sensitive skin, effectively controls dilated capillaries, reduces redness, blotchiness and irritability and leaves your skin fully soothed and hydrated.

Oxygenan'te Facial - $75.00

Perfect therapy for your skin. Increases blood circulation and lightens hyperpigmentation. It will leave your skin amazingly illuminated with a warm healthy glow.

Facial Express - $50.00

Meets all individual skin needs. Designed for those on the go.

Microderm abrasion - $95.00

New technology in skin smoothing. Excellent for fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, enlarged pores, and scarring. Highly recommended for Roseacea, Acne, and minor imperfections of the skin.

SALICYLIC - $90.00

Excellent for mild to moderate acne. Smooth, large pore, reduce bacteria, inflammation and excessive sebum from deep within pores.

KOJIC PEEL - $90.00

Excellent for hyperpigmentation, mature and sun-damaged skin. Reduces finelines and wrinkles, large pores, improves discoloration & tone, leaving rejuvenated skin.

Package of Pre-Paid Appointments

For a discount of this service, 3 to 8 appointments can be purchased for $84.00 each. Additional restrictions apply. Please ask for details.

Bio Ultimate Facial - Rediscover Your Face - $90.00

Micro-current reduces wrinkles, firms facial muscles, and improves texture, complexion and elasticity of the skin.
Also available: package of ten treatments for $600, and eye zone treatment for $65.